Couple on Bath Salts Wages War Against Imaginary Gangsters

by 7 years ago

“They were there yesterday and last night,” Donna told the dispatcher.

The couple then allegedly hauled a military bag full of weapons outside, and Donna fired about seven shots into the air.

Their neighbors, Richard and Debra Robinson, got caught in between the couple’s delusions and a terrifying reality when the paranoid suspected shooters forced their way into the Robinsons’ home, WSOC-TV reported.

“They were delusional,” Debra Robinson said. “They really thought somebody was out to kill them.”

Richard Robinson, a pastor, prayed for the altered duo. The police employed a different tactic and hauled their asses to jail. Each method was effective in its own way, I guess.

The couple faces terror and breaking and entering charges for their high-stakes game of make-believe. Their best defense would probably be wearing these slick shirts

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