Next Time These Coworkers Have Sex In Their Company’s Office They Should Shut The Lights Off, Because Windows

by 4 years ago


These two… These two lovebirds sicken me. They had their office sex fantasy by the goddamn balls and they still managed to mess it up. How?!? They were right there at the one-yard line and they failed to convert. Their inability to remember how windows work is kind of like Pete Carroll forgetting that Marshawn fucking Lynch lives in his backfield. It’s incomprehensible.

What went wrong? Well, I’ll tell you.

The pair stayed at work on a Friday, outlasting every overachieving employee at their company — which is Marsh Ltd in New Zealand — just to have this moment. And they BLEW IT by leaving the lights on allowing people at Carlton Bar and Eatery, located directly across the street, to watch them have sex.

And watch them they did.

According to The Daily Mail:

‘The whole pub knew about it and was watching, while they were totally oblivious to it. And afterwards celebrating with wine,’ one man posted.

‘They should have turned the lights out,’ said another.

Some patrons even said that the band stopped playing while most of the bar watched out the windows.

The patrons at Carlton Bar and Eatery took no time to post photos and videos on the Internet and news of this hookup quickly went viral on Facebook and Twitter. We’re guessing the two lovebirds found out about this because they failed to show up for work on Monday, which, I’m guessing, is probably the smartest thing they’ve done in their decades of life.




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