Craigslist Offer of a Lifetime: For Only $40 Per Night You Can Sleep in This Guy’s Conversion Sleeper Van…WITH HIM!


On the surface, this ad smells creepy. Smells like murder. Smells like murder involving a hearty helping of dismemberment. Smells like the person who posted this ad wants to lure you in with promise of a good night’s rest in his sweet conversion sleeper van — at a below market price of $40 per night, I might add — because he has a mean hankering to wear your face ON HIS FACE.

But then you read the ad and realize this dude might just need someone to give him a break. I mean, look at this face. Is this the face of a cold-blooded killer? I think not.


And would a cold-blooded killer wash his conversion sleeper van so his tenants have a cleanly place to rest their weary head? Well, I suppose if there were blood and fecal matter splattered about the place. But I digress…


Per ad on Craigslist:

Been soaking up amazing wrightsville beach, I’m 28, been looking for work, have a lot of room in van to offer for a night or few to budget beach bums like meHas full bed, you would have it to yourself I’d sleep in one of the chairs, plenty of places to park around here walking distance to beach, 24 hour Harris teeter, shit ton of places to remain civilizedAsking $40/night, $60 for couple, would make deal for a few nights.I’m chill, trustworthy just tryin to make few bucks if I can. Text or call. ThanksIf you don’t need place to crash but you’re in market for massage or need odd job help and you can pay at least $50, feel free to contact me.

What do you think? Should we start a Kickstarter campaign to help this guy not have to live in a van, as disgustingly awesome as that is. Sound off below, or create the page and we’ll help promote it.

[H/T: Nathan]

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