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I get it, some people are thrill-seekers. That’s dope, go ahead and ride as many roller coasters and jump out as many planes until that void of blood-pumping life in your soul is filled. But don’t go doing some crazy dumb parkour shit like this.

This clinically insane gentleman decides that the ledges on this skyscraper is a fun place to do some parkour. He’s at least 25 stories high with no recourse if he slips, but to plummet to his premature death.

Thank God this video is only 15 seconds because my poor ticker and stomach couldn’t handle much more.

The only viable reason for this madness is that he had to flee a married woman’s apartment when her husband came home and he had no other options but to hightail it out the window. And that reasoning would only be justified if the husband was Cain Velasquez or Chuck Norris.

Cool your video went viral, but you were one gust of wind or one slip from your video going REALLY viral.

Dear sweet molasses what the fuck is wrong with you man?

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