Crazy Bride-To-Be Tries to Micromanage Fiancé‘s Bachelor Party with B*tchy E-mail to Best Man

by 8 years ago

I know you are throwing Johnny a Bachelor Party and I want to thank you for that and here are some guide lines that I would really like for you to follow. Also as a basic note, I know that many of the people going to the Bachelor Party have decided not/ are not able to attended our ceremony/reception this Saturday – personally I know that Johnny is pretty bummed out about that. I want to make sure that his bach party is great but I also want to make sure that you do not view it as more special than our event. There is no reason to go over the top or to spend the guilt money to make good on the fact that the real event was missed. If people feel guilty tell them they can buy us some Kate Spade Dinner Plates/ glasses – they are Johnny's Favorite and we feel too guilty registering for something so expensive.

Goal: To have fun and celebrate our Marriage but do so on a budget.

1) nothing out of town. If people want to go out of town they can come to our event on the 8th. This party should only be a 1 night/day event – anything more than that gets too expensive with transportation/meals/hotel and such. Also a note on this is that Johnny and I rarely go out of town for just us- its always to visit family or Johnny to go to a bach party. I am always bummed when Johnny gets to go to a new place to explore and I don't get the chance to go – i know its selfish, but getting out of town is something special to us and i want to be able to share that with Johnny.

2) no str*ppers/ strip clubs – I think Johnny would agree – you guys got enough grossness out of Aaron's (This is me, LOL) gross party. No repeats. IF (rather you not- but IF) you go to strip clubs – NO LAPDANCING- no touching by either party. These are really gross places and most of you have hot women at home so why look at cheap boob jobs?

3) I'll order a booby cake for you! I can drop it off where ever you want to have dinner or before the event (hotel/house).

4) Suggestions: Make Beer (there is a place in Edmond's), go golfing (Johnny's been really into golfing lately), go skydiving ($$$ but would be a cool thing to say you did), dinner at hooters or Joey's (cute girls and good food), rent a party bus to take you around Seattle for the night.

5) make a day of it – for example- Meet up at the beer making place and make a few kegs of beer (you'll have then have a party later to drink it!) – this takes a few hours but do this late enough that you can then go to someones house/ cheap hotel to pre-funk. take a cab to Joey's/or where ever for dinner and when you come out have the party bus waiting! drive around while drinking and maybe set up a few games along the way (drinking games) start hitting up all the non strip shows/clubs for the night!

6) you'll want to plan for people to crash at someones house/cheap hotel ( would have a good last minute price) so you should have the meet up location be close to where ever people will be crashing. There should be no excuse for people to drink and drive.

7) Johnny has a lot of friends so you will want to make sure you check with Johnny for who to invite. You will want to have activities that include everyone since Johnny does have many circles of friends.

Hat Tip: Traina. Jump over to Reddit to read the Best Man's response…

There's still time, Johnny. Still time…

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