Watch A Crazy Old Lady Get Kicked Off A Plane Because She Refuses To Do Something About Her Dog

by 4 years ago

There’s this old saying J.Camm loves: “Hell is other people.” This belligerent old bird personifies everything that quote means. She literally puts her fellow plane passengers through hell while refusing to do something with her dog. To make it worse, she tries to play the annoying “I’m old! You can’t arrest me! You’re a bad boy!” card when the TSA agents show up to escort her off the plane. They don’t give a fuck, though, and that’s exactly what happens.

According to the passenger who filmed the video, her dog was “growling and snapping at the crew.” Apparently this all went down on a United Express flight leaving from Salt Lake City to Chicago. My favorite part is when she asks for a refund, like that’s something a pilot actually cares about this very moment.

I’m surprised a round of applause didn’t break out in the cabin after she was removed.