People Revealed The Creepiest Things They Accidentally Saw On Someone Else’s Phone And Just…Ewww!

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People revealed the creepiest, most embarrassing things they accidentally saw on someone’s phone and thanks to these cringe-inducing confessions we will never, EVER borrow another person’s phone again.

At the very least, if we absolutely have to borrow a phone, we will NOT browse around on it and might even want to use some hand sanitizer after we return it.

I just wanted to help out an old lady with her cellphone. She needed her pictures backed up because the phone was only turning on intermittently.

I did not ask to see a gig of amateur porn featuring … her.

Worse, she had effectively planted it there for me to find, although she didn’t say this. I could tell by the way she behaved around me. It seems she enjoyed the swinger lifestyle. ~ Ike Davis

I used to work at a large retail company as a wireless professional – meaning I activated and sold contract phones, as well as worked directly with prepaid devices and other wireless things. Anyways – I saw a lot of weird shit but the single most embarrassing thing I had ever seen was when a guy brought his prepaid phone in and told me he needed a new phone, but wanted his contacts, photos, documents, etc. transferred over.

Let me preface this with a disclaimer: no one in their right mind would hand their phone over to a perfect stranger knowing that there were the things that there were inside this tiny machine. No one.

Continuing: I transfer the guy’s number, finish up moving his contacts, and open his gallery of photos, and, to my shock, disgust, and utter surprise, is an entire album – FRONT AND CENTER! – of nude photos of his girlfriend – up close, personal, and all sorts of places no one should ever be sticking cell phones. Making matters worse, I actually recognized the guy’s girlfriend (as some of the photos showed her face) as one of my OTHER customers at the store!

I didn’t wanna make things excruciatingly more awkward than they already were, so rather than handing the guy’s phone back and being like, “Here, buddy, you can transfer your own pics because there’s a naked lady in there,” I just did it. I had to go through and manually check each photo to transfer (it was an older type smart phone, like a beginner deal, where you couldn’t just transfer over an entire folder or whatever) which made things all the more difficult, but hopefully he went home later that night and looked through his photos and thought, “Oh, my, God. The girl at Wal-Mart just saw my girlfriend’s vagina.” ~ Katarina Clark-Bingham

This happened when I was 10, around 7 years ago. I was dumb and naïve.

One day my uncle (chacha) came to our home from village and his marriage was due in a month or so. There was a happy ambiance and the elders were talking about the arrangements.

I was getting bored so I asked him for his phone, I wanted to play, of course. He gave it to me. But soon I realised that he didn’t have anything even remotely interesting in his phone so I started scrolling through his gallery. Sure enough, all I found was stupid mirror selfies and pictures of bikes.

But then at the end of it, there was a folder named X, I opened it. Another folder. I opened that. Another folder! This went for around 10 folders and finally what this 10 year old girl saw, shocked her. Hundreds of pictures of naked women! Not secretly taken though, these women were posing. (He probably got em from the internet?)

But in all honesty, I was more amused than shocked. I had seen naked women before (horrible memory, lol) but never thought that they let themselves get photographed! So after going through all the pictures I went to the room where all of the elders were seated and showed the images to each one of them as I laughed hysterically.

I vividly remember, at first my uncle didn’t realise what I was showing to the others. When my mother’s turn came to see the pictures, she looked at the phone, then at me, then at uncle, then back at the phone, and calmly said, “I don’t understand what you’re showing, give the phone back to him.”

This was the moment his eyes widened and he realised what I’d done.

Needless to say, a very awkward silence followed and my mom doesn’t like him any longer. He is infamously tagged the black sheep of the family. ~ Mehak Nayak


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