Creepiest Doctor Ever Sent Naked Selfies To Patients and Allegedly Beat Off To Medical Images

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Sometimes we forget that just because someone is in a well-respected profession, it doesn’t mean that they’re not a huge creep. No one makes that clearer than this 47-year-old anesthesiologist out of Seattle, Dr. Arthur Zilberstein.

Dr. Z, as I lovingly call him, loved sexting chicks naked selfies in between procedures and allegedly improperly accessing medical images for “sexual gratification.” I’m assuming sexual gratification is a fancy way of saying he beat off to medical pictures. I am in utter disbelief that this guy is still getting chubbed from still images this day-and-age. I’m video or nothing.

The Washington state health authorities got a whiff of what Dr. Z was up to, and quickly suspended his license. They said that he significantly compromised patient safety because of his “preoccupation with sexual matters.” You gotta be one of the most horned-up dude’s alive if you’re around disgusting medical shit all day, and still, all you can think about is smacking your pecker around.

The state alleged that on just one day, June 17, 2013, Dr. Z sent 64 texts during seven surgeries, most of which were of a sexual nature. An example of a typical text – “I’m hella busy with C sections.” I didn’t make that up, that’s actually in the report. I’ll go on record as saying that any medical professional who uses the word “hella” should just immediately have his or her license revoked on the spot. That is not a person I want involved with my health.

In summation – Dr. Z beat off to medical images, sexted a patient selfies at work with his hog hanging out of his scrubs, wrote prescriptions for chicks he was nailing, and used the word “hella.” Dr. Z sounds like what would happen if you let one of the Workaholics guys become a doctor.

I understand that half of the motivation of becoming a doctor is to hook up with girls, but c’mon dude, you’re supposed to do that shit once you’re off the clock. Wear your scrubs at home and do some role playing with your chick, but nobody wants to hear that their anesthesiologist is running a little behind because he’s lining up the perfect cock selfie. Have some class.

[Story via NBC News]

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