Haha: Crossfit Bro’s World Is Shattered When He Drops His Weights And Breaks His Mirror

by 3 years ago

WHOOPS! Another wonderful example of a crossfit Bro dropping his weights while lifting, just like that dude yesterday who nearly injured himself. Instead of stopping the momentum after his snatch, he slams the weights on the ground, causing the mirror to break over his precious mirror.

His sequels afterwards are absolutely delightful. That is a the sound of a Bro who just had his world shattered, like Seahawks fans in the final seconds of the Super Bowl or a dude whose girl just gave her digits to Scott Disick.

That seven years of bad luck getting those gains, bruh. Put the weight down gently and not hulksmash it like a douche, homie.

Hey, at least you got the rep in and didn’t end up flat on your ass like this Bro…

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