The Czech Republic Threatens Would-Be Public Urinators in the Most 2014 Way Possible


Stellar work by the Czech Republic. Basically they’re saying, “Go ahead and piss if you need to. Just know that if you do, your rabbit turd of a cock will be plastered all over YouTube by nightfall. But please, relieve yourself on the door of this business.”

We don’t do that in the U.S. We dole out citations and fines. I’m not sure what is more effective. I might have to give the edge to threatening dudes with of public humiliation. Although not even public humiliation could stop me if I’m drunk enough. And if I had a HUGE DICK, forget about it. I’d be the king of the CCTV piss channel. Would probably stop pissing indoors altogether.

Looking at this Czech Republic warning sign caused me to not only have to take a piss myself (weird how shit like that happens), but it also made me wonder how this sign would be different if it were in North Korea. My money is on it including a the guilty public urinator with his dick sitting on a butcher ‘s block while a stick-figure rendering of a cleaver-wielding Kim Jung-un stood over him. It’s funny where your imagination can take you sometimes… Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a mean piss a-brewin’.



[H/T Elite Day]

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