Dad Goes BALLISTIC And Destroys Daughter’s Fiance With WWE Moves After He Was Caught Cheating

by 3 years ago

When you cheat you must pay certain consequences. Some times you get screamed at for days on end. Some times the woman will immediately break up with you. Some times the jilted lover will destroy your $130,000 Range Rover. But some times the woman’s father gets involved and shit gets scary. This father found out that his daughter’s fiance was cheating and he literally took things into his own hands.

The enraged dad went to the cheating fiance’s house and things got physical. While the fiance was attempting to explain the situation, the father objected by throwing two quick punches. Then dad channeled his inner Triple H and destroyed the fiance with a facebreaker knee smash, followed by a Dusty Rhodes bionic elbow. Then came a brainbuster and several kicks to the back as he lay on the ground. There was a chair on the porch, so of course he had to go all ECW and throw a chair at him. Dad got in a couple more kicks and punches while his potential future son-in-law was on the ground. It appears the fight is broken up but nope, dad picks up the fiance from the ground and throws him out of the ring (porch).

Hey pops cheer up, at least you didn’t pay for a wedding for your little girl and this dishonest douche.

And a reminder to the fiance, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19. Might want to pick up a card.


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