Dad Of The Year Brings 16-Year-Old Daughter To Strip Club He Works At, Lets Her Snort Coke And Pole Dance

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The biggest appeal of being a parent (to me, at least) is the ability to look your child straight in the eyes and say “No” when they ask for your permission to do something. Do you have any idea how much joy I get out of watching hopeful light fade out of someone’s eyes, especially when that someone is a kid? Children suck, and seeing happiness get sucked right outta them like a vacuum cleaner to the soul is better than snorting any of cocaine I may or may not have sitting in my wallet right now.

Jose Manuel Arguelles, 59, has apparently never experienced that sort of joy since I have to assume he’s never told his 16-year-old daughter “No.” Case in point? The fact that he brought her to the strip club he works as a promoter for, AND let her smoke weed, snort coke and dance on stripper poles. #Classy.

A dad has been arrested after allegedly taking his 16-year-old daughter to a strip club, then letting her smoke marijuana, snort cocaine and pole dance.

Jose Manuel Arguelles, 59, is charged with child neglect, giving drugs to a child and eight counts of sexual performance by a child after police raided the venue.

Officer swooped on the Pink Pony Gentleman’s Club in Florida and closed the it down, reports CBS Miami.

Lt. Carlos Arango from the Doral Police Department, said: “We have illegal activity involving underaged persons, that’s the extent of the allegation that we’re putting forth at this time because it is an ongoing investigation.”(via)

According to the unnamed daughter, Arguelles had taken her and a friend to the club “several” times since she had turned 16 in March. Granted, I’m pretty sure “take your child to work day” does occur sometime in the spring, but most kids stop doing that once they finish elementary school. That’s all beside the point though — any parent worth their salt would know not to take their kid to a strip club, even if that’s where they work. No wonder this guy is divorced.

Arguelles’ bond is currently set at $45,000 and the “Pink Pony” strip club will remain closed until a hearing before a special magistrate.

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