This Cocksure Dad Absolutely Shredding The Dance Floor At A Concert Has Probably Had Sex With Your Girlfriend

by 3 years ago

WAIT, is that Barry from Accounting. FUCK YA IT’S BARRY FROM ACCOUNTING. Who’s got the kids today Barry? Oh what’s that–shut the fuck up while your getting noodly on the dance floor? Sure thing, boss. It doesn’t get any more cocksure than Barry from Accounting. So sure of his cock I’m embarrased to have doubts about mine. Everything about this dude: the body control, the way he springs off the floor, the tucked in turquoise polo he got as a Father’s Day gift, the double knotted retro Adidas kicks, him bringing a joint to the concert but not inhaling, the fact that he showed up solo and told his wife he was in Cleveland on business…all signs of a dude who plays by his own rules. An advanced breed. The ORIGINAL Mista Steal Yo Girl. If you think for one second he didn’t have safe sex with those three chicks to his left in the back of his fuel-efficient Prius, you’re flat out delusional. Barry’s the safe sex KING. Dance on, Barry. Don’t ever let anyone dim your light.

P.S. I was going to make a few GIFs of his best moves and then I realized they were all the best so I abandoned that mission real quick.

BARRY 2016.

[h/t Barstool]

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