(VIDEO) Dads Read The Horribly Awkward Sexts Their Daughters Sent Their Boyfriends

by 3 years ago

Man if only my love life was this interesting. 90% of the texts between me and my boyfriend are along the lines of “What do you wanna do for dinner” and “Did I leave my blue bra at your place because I can’t find it and I’m getting pissy ’bout it.” Nothing about pregnancy tests, no sexting because we’re not 12 and I can just bang him on the weekends and absolutely no overuse of emojis — again, we’re not 12. I ain’t throwin’ out texts like 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :))))))))))))))))))))) just to try and “see if he likes me.” Newsflash me: no one likes me, not even me. So take your emojis and shove them up your butthole.

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