The Nutshot to End All Nutshots (GIF), Plus Your Best Links of the Day

by 6 years ago


Bras Were Made to Be Burned (55 Photos), via theCHIVE


Sh*t I Want (20 Photos), via theCHIVE


The 20 Hottest Photos of Suzy Favor Hamilton, via HEAVY


This Year-End Montage Will Give You Goosebumps, via Huffington Post



5 Ways to Actually Steal Christmas, via Cracked


20 Good Players Wasting Their Talent on Bad Teams, via Bleacher Report


The 20 Definitive Paul Rudd GIFs, via Uproxx


The Year in Funny, via CollegeHumor


Words on Pictures: Your Weekly Popular Quotes, via Guyism


4 Benefits of Being Divorced During the Holidays, via YourTango


15 Songs You Might Be Surprised to Learn Were Banned on the Radio, via Uproxx


Office Bathroom Do's and Dont's, via Mandatory


Cleavage Thursdays, via LADBIBLE


Check A$AP Rocky's Dope New Track ft. Skrillex, via That New Jam


10 More Photos of Somewhat Awkward Randomness, via I-am-Bored


Bedazzled Bombshells, via Maxim


The Best Songs for an Apocalypse Playlist, via Ranker


A Real Nut: Man Lives in Tree for Nine Months After Catching Wife Cheating, via Guyspeed


The 25 Hottest MILFs In Movies, via Complex




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