Dan Bilzerian Explains How Easy It Is For Him To Get Laid, Defends His Now-Famous Chicken Legs

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A few days ago, Dan Bilzerian was a guest on E!’s The Comment Section. I didn’t notice because…well…because it was on E! and I’m more of a Bravo guy. (Sad, but true. Love me some Million Dollar Listing.)

The Bilzerian interview consisted, in large part, of the host Michael Kosta simply asking Dan about his Instagram account and things we see play out on there every week. One thing we do learn, however, is that Bilzerian started using Instagram just to get laid. Dude has chicks sliding into his DM’s and then, if he feels so inclined, he’s sliding something into them. Hint: It’s his penis.

On the topic of his chicken legs, Bilzerian confirmed that he does, in fact, skip leg day, but he insists that while his calves have always been infantile, his quads used to get so big that his thighs chaffed to the point of bleeding. Sure, Bro, that’s why I stopped lifting legs, too. With my quads so thick and juicy from all the muscle, there was no room for my dick. One of the two had to get evicted.

[H/T E!]

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