Dan Bilzerian Is Getting Sued By The Porn Star He Threw Off His Roof

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Uh-oh. Dan Bilzerian‘s legal fees keep getting more and more expensive. Remember back in April when the Instagram tried to throw porn star Janice Griffin off a roof, naked, into a pool and missed? Now it’s coming back to bite his ass, even after a strongly-worded letter from his lawyer to Griffin’s lawyer made the rounds in the weeks following the incident. This week Griffith filed suit, which makes for his second lawsuit in a week. Via TMZ:

Janice Griffith just filed the suit against Bilzerian and Hustler magazine for the stunt she says left her with a broken foot. In her suit, Janice says Huster hired her to do a photoshoot at Dan’s home back in April … which would show off his “extravagant lifestyle.”

She says the porn star-pool toss was suggested by Bilzerian and Hustler — and she was assured it would be safe. She says they should’ve known she didn’t have the skills to pull off the stunt … based on her “experiences and qualifications.” Translation: porn stars can’t fly, dummy.

According to the suit, after the stunt went awry … she was offered booze to ease her pain. She doesn’t say if she accepted.

Lawyers, guns, and money. Warren Zevon would be proud of the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle. Thank God for retainer fees.

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