Dan Bilzerian’s First SnapChat Shows Him In Bed With A Handgun And A Large-Breasted Woman

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So basically, Dan Bilzerian being Dan Bilzerian.

The self-proclaimed King of Instagram has switched over to a new medium, and he does not know if we are ready for him. He tweeted as such.

“I did my first snapchat(danbilzerian), i hope nudity is allowed or my snapchat career will be short lived.”

(His Twitter account is currently suspended, otherwise I would embed this tweet. No idea what happened there.)

The video is mondo Bilz Bilz, showing Dan in bed with the usual accoutrements of his lifestyle, guns and tits. According to TFM, who witnessed the historic SnapChat, the girl declared that Bilzerian couldn’t share her boobs online with the world. He showed her.

Here are some screengrabs from the momentous occasion. Remember where you were.








Nothing like fucking while holding a hand gun. Somewhat related, here is Bilzerian in a robe shooting guns in the desert, which he did two days ago.

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