Is There Anything More Douchey Than This Daredevil Riding A Swegway On The Edge Of A MASSIVE Skyscraper?

I can’t think of a way to be more douchey. For starters, you have one of these dumb Swegways, the dumbest thing on the planet since watermelon-flavored e-vape liquids (…and the invention of vaping in general). Second, you’re doing it on top of a skyscraper to show off how edgy and ballsy you are. If that’s what you have to do to get laid, I feel bad for the younger generation. Total try-hard. I can’t believe he didn’t up the ante by blowing vape circles. Probably listens to nothing but Tyga.

I don’t really mind heights, but when I watch the videos of this Bro on top of a huge Dubai skyscraper, I’m totally good with having my feet firmly planted on the ground. It’s way more normal down here.

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