This Tiny Spider The Size Of A Tic-Tac Can Shoot Its Web Of Steel 80-Feet Across A River

by 2 years ago

Bruhhhhhh. This spider’s got me tripping right now. The species was only discovered by scientists back in 2009 but the Darwin’s Bark Spider of Madagascar is one of the most remarkable creatures on the planet. It’s capable of shooting its silk web, the strongest fiber on the planet, to built 80+ foot bridges in order to cross rivers. Huge if true, right? Right.

According to Gizmodo’s Sploid, the spider doesn’t actually ‘shoot’ the strands of web 80+ feet as much as it puts them out there in the world and lets the wind do the rest. The silk found in the Darwin’s Bark Spider is one of the strongest natural materials scientists have ever discovered. This clip above can be seen in The Hunt, a nature series that was produced by the BBC back in 2015 and narrated by the venerable Sir David Attenborough.

This spider’s abilities lay the foundation for believing that the superhero capabilities of Marvel’s Spiderman are legit. Suspend all belief in reality and extrapolate the size of that spider to the size of a person, and you’ve most certainly got webs that are strong enough to swing from skyscrapers. (h/t Gizmodo)

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