Woman’s Dashcam Records Accident That Syncs Perfectly With ‘Sister Christian’ On The Radio

by 2 years ago

PSA: turn up your volume for the video above because you’ll need to hear the song for the full effect….Now, this woman was just cruising along, jamming out to ‘Sister Christian’ by Night Ranger, when her dashboard camera captured an accident at the intersection in front of her. While in the turning lane to get on the highway somewhere in the heart of Texas this woman had the radio cranked up to one of the greatest songs to make it out of the 1980’s. The universe aligned and the accident went down just as the chorus of ‘moooootoring!’ kicked in.

Is there anything profound about this video? Nah. Did I think it was worth sharing with all you bros today because the timing was perfect? Hell yes. Will I now be blasting ‘Sister Christian’ in the office today every hour on the hour? You can bet your ass it’s going to happen. (h/t r/videos)

If you want the full song:

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