Don’t Believe In Ghosts? Explain This Fish Fillet Flopping Around For 90 Seconds

by 2 years ago

Here we see the fillet of a yellowfin tuna. There’s no head attached to this fish, nor is there a tail. The fish doesn’t have a heart or lungs. Nothing about this animal is alive and all you need are two eyeballs to see this….Seriously, I think we can all agree that this fish is completely dead.

Here’s the original footage via Twitter:

I don’t believe in ghosts. I think ‘the supernatural’ is complete bullshit and I’m happy to point and laugh at anyone that thinks watching shows like Ghost Hunters is a valuable use of time…But, I don’t really have a scientific explanation for what’s going on here.

There’s that dish served in Japan where the fish is served ‘still moving’ but it’s really just a liquid being poured onto the dish that causes the nervous system to contract and make it look like the fish is still splashing around. I’m guessing that something along those lines is happening here, but I don’t see any liquid underneath the fish, nor does it look like there’s any electricity being applied.

Ghosts? Just might be… (h/t DailyMail)