Deep Sea Fisherman Posts Pics Of His FUCKING HORRIFYING Catches, Scares The Shit Out Of The Entire Internet

by 3 years ago

Over the years I’ve brought you bros pictures of some truly horrifying deep sea creatures. Marine Biology and the F’d up fish who inhabit seas across the world have always been of interest to me.

I’ve been stoked that you bros have joined me along this journey to the salty depths of Hell, examining peculiar species along the way. Before we get to the collection of pictures below which has the Internet collectively freaking the fuck out and vowing to never step foot in the ocean again I’d like to call out a few of my favorite Deep Sea creatures from the past few years: Ghost Shark (chimaera), this pot-bellied demon shark from Mexico, this gate keeper of Hell (with green eyes), sea monster from Australia with the body of a dragon and teeth of a crocodile, this muhfuckin’ alien fish with a human nose, radioactive cow-fish hybrid monstrosity, and this deformed fish with two mouths.

If you’ve been a loyal reader for a while then chances are you’ve seen most of that WTFish coverage above, and if you have seen most of those articles then you’re probably at least quasi-prepared to see the batshit insanity below.

These pictures are all legitimate fish, and they come from a Russian deep sea fisherman who has been tweeting out the most WTF species he’s ever caught. As these pictures have begun making the rounds across the Internet today people have been losing their minds, and it’s not hard to see why: