Day One Of The Democratic National Convention Caused A Massive Spike In Some Unusual Porn Searches

by 3 years ago
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A couple of weeks ago, porn distribution company xHamster revealed that despite calling porn a “public menace,” people living in Republican states have some really kinky proclivities.

Of course, those on the Democrat side of the aisle have a much different take on the adult film industry. That was definitely proven out by the record numbers that xHamster reported relating to the first night of the DNC.

While Michelle Obama’s speech was certainly inspiring to many who watched it it also “inspired” people in ways that one probably wouldn’t expect.

According to xHamster, they experienced a huge surge in viewers during night one with an overall increase in traffic from the city of brotherly love of 7.4%.

People there must have needed to blow off some steam after so many speeches, I guess.

What’s even more impressive, I guess that would be the word – probably not, is that searches for “Hillary” skyrocketed by 437%.

And even more shocking, searches for “Michelle Obama” increased by a whopping 1428%.

Not sure that was Michelle Obama’s intention when she delivered her speech on Monday night, but she certainly inspired people to take action. Just probably not the kind of action she was hoping for, however.

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