Denmark Is Literally Making TV Commercials To Encourage People To Have More Sex

Sounds like Denmark has some principles we here at BroBible can get behind! The Danish travel agency Spies Travel is trying to drum up business with some messaging that encourages the Danes to get it on. Denmark has a super low birth rate right now, which means the country’s population could dwindle for generations if the Danes don’t start procreating more. Capitalizing on that fear, Spies Travel made these commercials to “Do It For Mom” or “Do It For Denmark” — Weird!

Love that having sex is considered a display of patriotism in Denmark. That’s remarkable — We should encourage more of that here in America. “Get your fuck on for Uncle Sam, like your grandfather who fought in a ditch in WWII would.” It’s a bold standard.

Here’s another commercial the agency dropped about the Danes having more sex.

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