Determined Couple Arrested After Having A BJ Party For Two In A Public Mall Even Though Their Kids Kept Interrupting

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Akeela Ali, 25, and her husband Fahad Bilal appeared in court yesterday on public indecency charges after CCTV footage captured the couple having a blowjob party for 2 in the Westfield shopping center despite the fact that their kids kept interrupting. According to Metro, the two let their children “run off and play while they got busy on a sofa next to the lifts [elevators]”:

They let the children run off and play while they got busy on a sofa next to the lifts – but even when the kids interrupted, they still carried on.

CCTV footage captured Ali moving her head up and down and masturbating Bilal with her right hand.

When she finished she spat into a tissue and threw it behind a plant pot in the shopping centre’s lift lobby lounge.(via)

Classy lady.

In court, Mrs. Ali stated her hormones were “everywhere” due to her pregnancy and that despite the fact that the family was in public, her sudden urge to suck dick was so overwhelming that she couldn’t help herself “even though she knew it was wrong to do so in a public place.”

As a result, the court has banned the couple from the city of London for two months as punishment for public indecency. Akeela and Fahad reportedly had to be sentenced separately due to the fact that one of them had to be outside the courtroom at all times in order to watch their children.

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