Witness The Widespread Devastation That A Nuclear Bomb Would Inflict On American Cities

by 10 months ago

North Korea has threatened to obliterate the United States with nuclear weapons for years now. Thankfully, the isolated regime has never had the delivery system to cause harm on America’s mainland, but unfortunately that may be changing. North Korea has had their most successful and most powerful missile launch and Pyongyang is making progress on building intercontinental ballistic missiles. But what if they were ever able to hit a U.S. city with a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead?

This video shows the devastation that a nuclear bomb would do to American cities such as Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. This reveals the immediate destruction and range of a nuclear blast and the eradication of life would continue with deaths from radiation.

You can see the radius of a nuclear bomb blast in any city on the planet with this nuke map.

Let’s hope that the no-win nightmare scenario of a nuclear holocaust never happens.

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