What It’s Like to Direct Your First Adult Film (When You’re Also Starring In It): Part Four

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Editor’s Note: Maddy O’Reilly is an adult film star making her directorial debut in “Maddy O’Reilly is Slutwoman” by Elegant Angel. We asked Maddy to keep a diary for us during filming so you could read all about her experiences. Here is Part Four. Read Parts One, Two and Three.

Hi Bros,

Today, we are wrapping production on Elegant Angel’s Maddy O’Reilly is Slutwoman. I still can’t believe I’ve been a part of such an iconic series. The Slutwoman character is to diehard porn fans what Superman is to comic geeks. When I took the role, I was inundated with positive feedback, but did have my share of doubters; people who wondered if I was up to task. The word “slut” has a very powerful connotation in porn. Flashing your boobs and kissing multiple girls and boys at a bar may be good enough to score you the label in polite society, but in our industry you better back it up—preferably onto a large, bulbous penis or two.

I was not going to be the Brandon Routh of Slutwomen. I was determined to Henry Cavill the shit out of the role. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to co-direct the movie with Elegant Angel’s MimeFreak. No one was going to push me harder than myself. Double-penetration, done. Double-vag, done. Interracial, you bet. Bondage, uh-huh. Of course, calling the shots behind the camera has been challenging. Every detail needs to be addressed before shooting: do we remove clothes on-camera or off, use natural light or not, cut or shoot-to-pop—does this dildo make my butt look fat? Yes? Awesome!

I’m a bit OCD so I’m always trying to go back and improve stuff. You can’t really rewind time in porn production, but I want to make sure we do the best we can. I’m giving it my all; there’s lube on the floor! The only thing left to do now is shoot our last scene, a three-way with Erik Everhard and the very gorgeous Skin Diamond. It’s my first time working with Skin, and I’m very excited. We’re shooting at a huge abandoned warehouse. We just got done filming exteriors, including a break-in scene that really got my adrenaline running. I’m ready for action, but before I can call action I need to make sure everyone knows their marks and lines.


In the scene, Skin goes missing when we enter the warehouse. Everything is dark. I soon find her tied to a chair, menaced by a hooded figure who forces me to makeout with her. I’m terrified until it’s revealed that the guy is Skin’s boyfriend and I’ve been pranked. I do what anyone would do in that situation: I fuck her boyfriend. I fuck her boyfriend with my mouth—that’s how upset I am.

After the BJ, I move the action to a nearby ottoman before taking it to the large stepladder where we’ll end the three-way… that’s right, anal sex on a freaking ladder!


This is Cirque du Soleil inspired screwing; we could totally choreograph this for Vegas. But, for now, it’s amazing to have Skin above me and Erik below me, all of us going at it on the ladder. When the scene wraps, everyone is absolutely ecstatic, but no one more so than me… I just co-directed my first movie!

Slutwoman has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and now acts as my résumé for other directing jobs. I will keep growing because of it. I will get to actually write up ideas and see them come to life, instead of following someone else’s script. It’s more work, but more fulfilling too. So, that’s it, Bros! Thank you for joining me on this journey. Don’t lose touch!

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Maddy O’Reilly

Maddy O’Reilly is Slutwoman is available now.

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