Dirtbag Uber Driver Takes Girl On Trip Around Town To Jack Fare Up To $111 After She Falls Asleep In Back Seat

Drunk you is not logical. Drunk you is lazy, hungry and enjoys falling asleep in places you shouldn’t nap, including but not limited to: subway platforms, cars, public parks, 24-hour McDonald’s…basically anywhere that’s not at home and in bed. Hannah Warman is no exception, but unfortunately for her she happened to fall asleep in an Uber, AND get a real shitbag of a driver.

In an interview with Metro, Hannah explained that she had been at a friend’s party only 5-10 minutes from her house. Despite the short distance, Hannah says that she had a “bit too much to drink” and chose to call an Uber rather than walk. “Then, I must’ve fallen asleep in the car. I woke up a couple of times and said ‘Why is this taking so long?’ and I think I assumed he’d got a bit lost or something but I had no idea it’d been an hour and a half.”

‘I fell back asleep. I went straight to bed once I’d got home and I only realised what had happened the next day when I got an email receipt for my £85 Uber journey.

‘After a lot of emails, Uber have refunded most of the fee (£71 was refunded) but I feel like I don’t trust them any more. I feel like they should reassure me that the driver was penalised or dismissed and explain how this could’ve happened.’(via)

A spokesman for Uber told Metro that “We are speaking to the licensed driver and the rider to establish exactly what happened and have given the rider a full refund. Unlike other transport options Uber’s technology records every trip and sends riders a receipt with a map of the route taken. This transparency and accountability means if there is an issue it can be quickly resolved.”

[H/T Metro]