Watch As An ENTIRE BLOCK Selling Fireworks Goes Up In Flames And Thousands Of Fireworks Go Off

On Sunday, October 30th the nation of India celebrated Diwali. Actually, for all I know they celebrated it on Monday because they wanted the free holiday on Monday. When the people threw down for Diwali this year is irrelevant, what is relevant here is how an entire city block of fireworks stands went up in flames after one of the stores/booths caught fire and spread and tens of thousands of fireworks all went off at once.

As we all learned from The Office when Michael Scott brought all of the Dunder Mifflin employees to Kelly Kapoor’s extended family’s Diwali celebration, or on NBC’s Outsourced, Diwali is probably the biggest party day of the year in India. Everyone goes nuts and parties like there is no tomorrow, which is why there was such a massive amount of fireworks stockpiled into one shopping center, and why the blaze broke out into one of the most spectacular fireworks displays we’ve ever seen.