You’ve Never Loved Anything In Life As Much As This Dog Loves The Jets In A Hot Tub

Once upon a time, I told my guidance counselor that my only goal is life is to have enough money for a house with a hot tub. That’s a pretty weak life goal, but honestly what is better in life than going for a soak in 20-degree temps when it’s dumping snow out in the dead of winter? Nothing. Nothing is better. Hot tubs rule.

This pup gets it. He’s rubbing his back all over the jets, getting the kinks out of his system. He’s pretty much five seconds away from an orgasm throughout the entire video. Look at his tongue! Those noises! Have you ever been this happy in life? Do you know happiness like this?

Some people spend their entire lives as balls of stress and never find this level of relaxation. We can learn a lot from this pooch.