Dom Mazetti Explains ‘Why The Dad Bod Is Worse Than Ebola’

The concept of the “Dad bod” has become a full-on social phenomenon: Girls allegedly love it, there are Instagram accounts dedicated to it, Dad bod t-shirts are officially a thing, and Dads are suddenly cooler than ever on the Internet.

The Dad bod is all about male body types and seems to celebrate an unhealthy lifestyle emphasizing “letting oneself go.” This rubs many in the Brommunity the wrong way, making Dad bod the hottest viral controversy on the block these days.

The great Brolosopher Dom Mazzetti has finally weighed in with a Bro Science rant about the Dad bod, the great topic of our era. In an epic eight minute takedown, Mazzetti calls it “a virus. A plague. It’s not ebola, but I wish it was.”

It might be the most real Dom Mazzetti video ever made.

“If you’re gonna do something, do it 100 percent.”

Dom Mazzetti for President, 2016.

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