Dom Mazzetti Explains The Reason He Doesn’t Play ‘Pokemon Go’ And Comes Up With A Genius Way To Profit Off The Game

by 4 years ago

Dom’s got a point – Pokemon was basically the same as crack when you were 10. Saving up your money, buying Pokemon cards and all the memorabilia, but for what – so you can look back at your binders full of trading cards when you’re 20 and be all “God, I was/still am such a loser. What a waste of fucking money” ? Imagine how much money you’d have if you hadn’t blown $5 per pack of trading cards that equate to no more than kindling today.

Luckily for you, Dom’s also got a way to make back all the money you blew on shitty little pieces of paper, and it’s only SOMEWHAT illegal. Well, probably really illegal, but it’s not like you came here for sound and logical advice. Or any advice, for that matter.

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