Dom Mazzetti Leaves The Gym This Week To Teach All You Bros Out There About ‘What To Wear On The Turn Up’

by 4 years ago

Taking a break from his usual environment, Dom Mazzetti brings us into his closet for a lesson on how a narcissistic fitness bro should dress when he goes out.

Questioning whether or not you’re a narcissistic fitness bro? I suppose it’s tough to tell. Do you hate wearing sleeves? Do you enjoy taking some time out of your day for self-reflection? (AKA looking at yourself in the mirror and/or all other reflective surfaces.) Immediately after you take a shit, do you go right to the sink to wash your hands or do you check your appearance in the mirror first and then fix your hair before you remove whatever flecks of shit are on your hands?

If you answered “yes” to the first two questions then you might be a narcissist. If you answered “yes” to the last one specifically, then you’re definitely a narcissist and also the gross motherfucker I saw in the men’s room earlier today.

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