Dominos Pizza Guy Tells Customer To ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ After She Orders Her Pizza Wrong

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There is nothing worse than ordering your pizza wrong. You want pepperonis but for some stupid reason you click tomatoes in the app, screwing your expectations massively when you go to pick your pizza up. Sometimes you speak up, sometimes you just humble yourself with the consequences of your mistakes, even though it wasn’t what you wanted. Well this Dominos Pizza guy was having nothing of a mouthy customer who was pissed she ordered her pizza wrong. When she starts to complain about the wrong sauce and demands to talk to his manager, he tells her to “go fuck herself,” and throws in a “fucking retard” for good measure. According to this video where it originated from, the man in the Dominos uniform was the manager of the a Saginaw, Michigan store. Dominos says it will be dealt with by the local franchise owner, according to the video.

Customer service/food service — it’s a thankless job.

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