Donald Trump Just Offered Barack Obama Every Golfer’s Wet Dream, With One Gigantic Catch


Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You know, now that I’m looking at the photo above I think I misspoke with that whole “wet dream” comment in the headline. Every golfer’s real wet dream is marrying Donald Trump’s very hot and very rich daughter, Ivanka, and having a cost-free, all-access pass to each Trump-owned golf course. However, what Donald Trump offered Barack Obama on Twitter is a very close second.

Seeing as how Trump hates having Barry O. in office and Barry O. hates that golf courses are denying him from satiating his thirst for the game, old Donny boy took to Twitter to offer one fine solution that can make both parties happy.



I’d just like to put this out there…And, Don, feel free to pick it up, or leave it where it sits. I’ll take this offer. With one stipulation: that we can kick Mark Sanchez out of his house on your Bedminster, NJ course (if you already haven’t) and I get to also live there rent free. Ideally I’d go a warmer climate, but the wife still needs to be close enough to NYC to commute to work. Someone’s gotta win that bread while I’m busy being retired.

Thoughts? Deal? To overcome with excitement to speak? Come on, Don. It’s me, your old pal JC. We go way back. Used to chase skirt together in the 80s, remember? Ok, you got me; we never chased skirt, but boy, we could have. I need this, Don. Do this for me. Do it.