Donald Trump Drives His Golf Cart On The Green, Which Is The Equivalent Of Spitting In Chubbs Peterson’s Casket

by 9 months ago

Now, I’m not one of them tight asses who abides by every unwritten rule in golf because of some deluded sense of ‘respect for the game.’ I never finished a round without needing a sober ride home. I put my club down in the sand trap. I piss in the woods. I drop balls when no one in my foursome is looking. I shave off strokes my score. I smoke so many cigarettes on the course John Daly would be disgusted. I’m a categorical nightmare on the course and respect the game about as much as Mel Gibson respects Hanukkah.

With that said, what Trump did here is unforgivable. Driving your cart on the green is like taking a dump in the hole. You’d think for a man who owns and operates 17 golf courses around the world and has been golfing at least 24 times since becoming President, he’d know that this is shameful. So shameful I kind of respect it.

P.S. RIP Chubbs. Gone but not forgotten.


[h/t Deadspin]


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