Dude At Trump HQ After the New Hampshire Win Gets Caught On Camera Doing The Unthinkably Nasty

The biggest party in New Hampshire last night was at Donald Trump‘s campaign headquarters after he won his first primary and officially became a WINNING politician. Caught amongst the brouhaha and fracas was one dude doing the unthinkable, doing the nastiest of the nasty. He had no idea that at his most vulnerable moment a camera was pinned on him, but he should have considering he was at Trump HQ and they’d just destroyed all the other candidates in the New Hampshire primary. Here he is, in all his nastiness:

Honestly I think that the commentary helped. Without the commentary I’m not sure I would’ve known where and when to look. But it’s also one of those situations where it’s like asking a blind person that reads lips to stare at someone’s mouth right before they puke. You’re having someone focus in on the gross shit that’s about to go down even when you’re fully aware of how gross it is.

I hope whoever this guy is on camera eating his boogers finds out that he was caught on camera eating his boogers, and maybe this will be a lesson for him to STOP FUCKING EATING HIS SNOTTY DISGUSTING BOOGERS because HOLY SHIT that’s gross.

Shout out to Michael Martin for sending this our way!

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