Donald Trump Made An Appearance In A Playboy Softcore Porn Back In The Year 2000

by 2 years ago


Earlier today Donald Trump made a big deal about a former Miss Universe pageant winner staring in a sex tape. It’s nothing exactly relevant to her claims of calling him a sexist pig and, in fact, is really just some old fashion slut-shaming.

As a delightful little Friday evening news dump to end the week, the folks at Buzzfeed discovered that Donald Trump actually made his own appearance in a sex tape. It’s called “Video Centerfold” and it’s basically a run-of-the-mill softcore porn that Playboy produced quite frequently in the ’90s.

For the appearance, hit the SFW Buzzfeed link in the tweet below. It’s not like he’s laying pipe to some chick or something, but it does kinda show how hypocritical he is going whining about a sex tape like a sexually repressed youth pastor.

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