Don’t Be The Douche That Tries To Kiss A Girl Who’s Crying

Late one night a lovely lass was sitting on stairs crying when her Prince Charming came to rescue her. This gentleman could only muster 14 seconds of fake empathy and concern before he went to “Can I have a kiss, I’ll make you feel better.” What a charismatic pick up line you racked your brain there Romeo. 14 seconds? 14 fucking seconds? That’s all the effort you were willing to put forth to get to know this pretty girl a little better before your dick took over and said, “Let’s try to make out wit her.” What the fuck is your rush, Waffle House is open 24 hours a day. Doesn’t this creepster know that all he had to do was put in 20 minutes of fake empathy and concern and he could have gotten to know this young lady with the killer legs a lot better? Overzealous fucking rookies.

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