5 Reasons Bros Shouldn’t Look for Sex on the Internet

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Finding sex in the 21st Century is as easy as clicking a button and filling out your credit card information. And if you don’t feel like paying or signing up for anything, then there’s always Craigslist (it’s free, but I wouldn’t suggest trying it).

However, as accessible as sex can be on the Internet nowadays, it’s still worth being very precautious about who you talk to, where you go and what you do.

The lesson is, as always, nothing in life is that simple. A girl sending you naked photos and her address after you’ve only put in two minutes of work is probably worth a red flag.

Internet sex may seem like a thrill in the moment but it will only leave you feeling psychologically rattled in the long term and physically…well, let’s just get into the five reasons why bros shouldn’t look for sex on the Internet:

1. Sexually Transmitted Disease

The Internet is not a treasure chest; it’s a black hole.

Unless the chick is holding up a signed note from her doctor guaranteeing you that her vagina is clean, then there is no promise that you will walk away from this interaction without something on your genitals — even if you’re wearing a condom.

In fact, the chances are that you will walk away from the penetration with something that you didn’t have before, but I guess that’s a risk your willing to take if you’ve gotten to the point where your scouring the Internet for intercourse.

Finally, and this may be a little off point here, it’s worth asking to yourself before you go hump and dump: what kind of girl looks for sex on the Internet? There aren’t any with pristine vaginas I can tell you that much. I’ll let your imaginations fill in the rest.

2. Safety and Security

A two for one special! Safety and security concerns have to be right up there with disease concerns as the No. 1 reasons you shouldn’t engage the Internet for a sexual release that isn’t porn. Why? There’s no assurance you are safe in any situation.

If you’re inviting a chick over to your house, then you’re leaving yourself open to being robbed. I know it’s a stretch, but there’s no promise she’s not running a scheme with her boyfriend and just setting you up. And even if you go to her place, the same thing could happen there.

It’s also worth thinking about the security of your credit card information (giving it away to a sketchy site is never a good idea) as well as the security of your home, your car, all your other valuables, and, well, your well-being. All of these are threatened when you make a move toward Internet sex.

Remember, there’s always a whorehouse if you’re feeling down on your luck, guys. Perfect transition to No. 3…

3. Confidence

Most guys I know — myself included — are most confident right after fucking a chick. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lowest moment for the male ego is during an elongated dry spell. This is where we fall victim to moments of self-loathing, which leads to bad decision-making — like bringing home the Beluga whale at the bar — and that only continued to feed the vicious cycle of low confidence.

Men resorting to the Internet to relieve their sexual inactivity are in this type of free-for-all with their self-belief, but they think that eschewing the bar/club scene will help get them back on their game and back in the real good action. Right? Wrong.

The logic couldn’t be worse. Going on the carousel ride that is looking for someone to fuck on the Internet is just as bad, if not worse, then trying to go to pound town with some random at a bar. You’re confidence is still going to be end up being abused like a porn star in a gang bang video, and you will continue to suffer.

Let’s return to that point about it being a vicious cycle, shall we?

4. Repeat Offender

Like anything in life, if you do it once, you’re subjecting yourself to doing it again. I don’t have any national data but I’m sure the percentage of guys that have used the Internet for sex and gone back to do it again is pretty damn high – like 70% high. Do you really want to lead a life where you fall back to your computer for a sexual release? Oh wait; you probably already do that with porn.

This is completely different though; first because porn is a necessity and second because becoming a repeat Craigslist user is what happen to old dudes who’ve gone through multiple divorces.

You’re a bro, bros don’t settle for low quality shit like this so whatever you do don’t drop your guard and give it a try because once you do, you might just get hooked on it.

If you’re horny and not feeling like making face to face contact, then just go ahead and use…

5. Social Media Apps

This technology exists for a reason, bros, and is a perfectly legitimate reason why you shouldn’t sign up and pay for Internet sex websites.

I’m not the biggest fan of Tinder, but its existence begs the basic question: why would any guy want to go through any of the aforementioned trouble when they could just as easily pick up chicks on social media.

These aren’t a guarantee either but you’ll find girls who are just as horny as the ones on these websites with a lot less of the risk.

Try it out and if it doesn’t work, then there’s always the good old-fashioned way of looking for sex through a bar, club, gym, restaurant, work place, double dating, etc.

You’ve got options, remember that, but the Internet shouldn’t be one of them.


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