Bro Does A Double-Backflip On A Jet Ski, Captures It On A GoPro

by 3 years ago

People who hate fun always love to talk about how toys like a jet-ski are a waste of money. These people suck and are idiots. Look at this dude! What a savage with cojones the size of cantaloupe! This Bro launches at least 30 feet into the air on his Waverunner to pull off a double-backflip. That’s a panty-dropping move if I’ve ever saw one.

In the immortal wisdom of Kenny Powers 3:16:

“I’m seriously into Jet-skis and the experience they offer is very similar to the ATVs, except that it’s on water. I’ve actually had multiple orgasms on jet-skis. Maybe it’s something in our blood that we can just, you know, get hard from riding bad ass terrain vehicles… water crafts.”

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