Listen To ‘Double Dick Dude’ Talk About Life With Two Penises And Sleeping With 1000 People

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Remember phenomenon of Double Dick Dude? I do like it was yesterday…

Last year the Internet EXPLODED with the bizarre anatomical tale of Reddit’s Double Dick Dude.  The condition is called diphallia and it happens when a man absorbs his twin at a very young age in the womb, taking on a second penis. After fascinating the shit out of the Internet last year, Double Dick Dude is back after writing a memoir about his real-life experiences as a human being with two penises. He was recently on Reddit’s “Upvoted By Reddit” podcast, telling Ohanian that he’s slept with more than 1,000 people, both boyfriends and girlfriends.

It makes for a fascinating half-hour podcast, especially when you hear about how he struggled in high school as being “the guy with two dicks.” There’s also a great story about the time his mom more or less kicked a doctor’s ass for being unprofessional about her son’s double-dick condition.

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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