This Doughnut Comes Topped With BBQ Beef Brisket And If You Just Said To Yourself ‘Ew’ You’re A Big Fat Fuckin’ Liar

by 4 years ago
Via Glazed

No really, you actually are a big fat fuckin’ liar if you’re telling yourself you wouldn’t eat the doughnut up there. Look at it! I said LOOK AT IT! That’s your future 400 pound self calling, and they’re telling you to nut the fuck up and eat the fucking doughnut.

For those of you who are still in denial about whether or not you’d eat that doughnut, here are some facts that’ll make you say “Well I’d definitely shove that down my gullet like a fat little diabetic kid pounding cake at a birthday party, but it’s too late now but I won’t admit it.” It’s okay, remember how I said you’re a liar? We’re pretty perceptive over here.

The honey-butter glazed doughnut is topped with juicy beef brisket smothered in sweet and smokey BBQ sauce, and finished with caramelized onions. Damnnnnnn.

Via Metro

Look at all those food words! “Glazed,” “juicy,” “smothered,” don’t they all make you wanna go down to the Glazed Doughnut Café in Texas and snatch one up as fast as your body can scream “heart attack”? Of course they do. This is America, where killing yourself slowly with food is perfectly legal but jumping off a cliff is frowned upon. So go get your doughnut and be happy it has BBQ beef brisket on it instead of something gross, like lettuce. Ew.

[H/T Metro]