‘Draking’ Is Putting A Photo Of Drake’s Head On A Handicap Sign And People In Toronto Are Loving It


Lauren O’NeIl

Here’s the skinny: People in Toronto have changed “Draking” from using a lint roller on your pants to the act of sticking Drake’s head on handicapped signs all over town and then posting a photo of it to social media. Why are they doing this? The fuck if I know. People with too much time on their hands are a menace to society. And also, kind of funny.

According to Buzzfeed, the girl above, Lauren O’Neil and her boyfriend are the two masterminds behind this movement. Here’s to hoping it catches on.

draking-4 draking-7 draking-6 draking-1 draking-8 draking-5 draking-3 draking-2

[Images via Imgur]

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