Ever Dream Of Helping Draw The World’s BIGGEST Dick? This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make Your Dreams Come True

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Every year thousands and thousands of college graduates enter the job market only to find that not only are there not enough jobs for everyone, but that it’s time to stop being a little turd in your dorm room and start acting like an adult. Recent graduate Alex Wong, on the other hand, came face to face with that reality and politely told it to go fuck itself.

“I just graduated college and I have no job. Let’s bring it back to the goals of my youth. I want to make the world’s biggest dick drawing. With your help, I will be able to create a wonderful (and long) drawing of the male anatomy… Let’s impress Guinness with the World’s Biggest Dick Drawing.”

Via The World’s Biggest Dick Drawing Kickstarter Page

While I’m not quite sure Wong’s time is best spent drawing giant cocks on paper rather than applying for jobs, you can’t really knock him since he’s got a whole method down.

“The pledges for this art project will directly dictate the outcome of the dick drawing. Every dollar will add an inch to the drawing. The inches will be accumulated and drawn on high quality paper, then the paper will be spread out to form the dick drawing…The goal is set at 100 inches…but I will draw this thing as many inches as the pledges expect me to. Every pledge will have their name attributed to their inch and all pledges will be listed in a huge thank you letter. Let’s see who is willing to make this drawing erect to massive proportions!”

Via The World’s Biggest Dick Drawing Kickstarter Page

As of today the Guinness Book of World Records has somehow neglected to have an entry for the World Biggest Dick Drawing, in what is clearly an egregious oversight on their part. But hey, with a compelling argument like this…

I don’t see how they can’t include something like this in the book. Unless of course, the staff there have at least 5 brain cells…collectively. But if you feel so inclined to donate to such an upstanding cause, click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

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