Man Reportedly Drank 1L Of Booze Every Day For 30 Years And Now Has The Most Fucked Up ‘Horse Neck’ Imaginable

by 3 years ago

You might be shocked to learn this, but apparently it’s not considered “healthy” to drink a liter of booze every single day for three decades. If you’re surprised by this information then you’re not the only one, because this man with the most deformed ‘horse neck’ you’ll ever see didn’t get the memo either.

Detroit News Time reports:

A Chinese man who drank almost a litre of white spirit a day for over three decades has developed a fatty tumour around his throat that made him ‘the man with the horse’s neck’.
The man, named as Hong Shu, has been diagnosed with the rare Madelung disease, where fatty deposits accumulate in various areas of the body including the neck, arms and legs, reported People’s Daily Online.
Hong, from Guangzhou, southern China, recently underwent multiple surgeries to remove the deposits and is due to be discharged from hospital.
According to reports, Hong Shu has been suffering from Madelung disease for over a decade but it was only recently diagnosed.
There are only around 400 instances of the extremely rare disease world-wide.
Hong, now 53, started seeing changes his body more than 10 years ago. It started with swelling behind both of his ears but gradually spread to around his throat area.
Overtime, the fatty deposits took over his neck, forming what’s been various described as horse, cow, and even camel neck.

This is NOT something you see every day:



I don’t even drink every day and this has me scared shitless of contracting ‘horse neck’. If anti-drinking advocacy groups want to scare people away from alcohol THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THEY SHOULD BE SHOWING.

Want to cut down on drinking and driving? Just show people commercials with ‘horse neck’ and it’ll cut down on drinking entirely.

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[h/t LadBible via DetroitNewsTime]