Watch This Drunk Chick On The Beach Escape From A Cop By Rolling Into The Ocean And Swimming To Freedom

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The worst part about being accosted by the cops when you’re drunk is that you don’t stand a chance of escaping. They have guns, tasers, and sobriety on their side. It’s an unfair fight from the start. BUT, as this video indicates, the ocean might’ve just leveled the playing field. You’ve always been there for me, ocean.

It’s clear from the get go that this chick is drunk. Not just drunk… hammered. She can barely stand. She flails her arms wildly. She kicks about like a drunk karate champion. Kicking is an oft-used tool of the drunk girl. They can do it from their back, so it doesn’t require them to be able to stand.

This cop looks more annoyed than anything, which I think we can all relate to. There’s nothing worse than dealing with a combative drunk chick. They’re like emotionally volatile kangaroos. All he wants is for her to chill out and probably just leave the beach, but she’s decided she’s not going quietly.

When he whips out the pepper spray, it seems like her ride might be coming to an end. But then, it hits her! “I gotta get my roll on.” In one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen anyone do while being detained by the cops, she slowly rolls herself into the ocean. If that doesn’t guarantee her entry as a first ballot inductee into the Drunk Chick Hall of Fame then I don’t know what does.

What’s the cop supposed to do once she gets into the water? He ain’t gonna get his socks all wet just to chase down some drunk. He gives up, which is probably the wise move. Not sure what ended up happening to ‘ol Drunkie, but based on the fact that she could barely stand on dry land, I’m gonna guess she now rests quietly in a WATERY GRAVE.

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