We Laughed Way More Than We Should’ve At This Drunk Chick Faceplanting Straight Into The Ground

97 seconds. Ninety-seven seconds. That’s how long this video is, but if you watch it you’ll soon find out that it deserved to be 15 seconds tops. Real slow burner we’ve got here, folks. Almost a minute and a half of this dude filming these three girls walking down the sidewalk before two of them faceplant, but if they hadn’t fallen what was the point in the video? Is this guy just some creep who stalks women with his camera at night? Was he going to eat them? Chop them up into bits and use their charred remains as croutons in a Caesar? Thank GOD they fell, otherwise we might’ve seen these ladies in the news the next morning with the headline “INTOXICATED WOMEN MURDERED BY STALKER, SEMEN FOUND ALL OVER CRIME SCENE.”

And yes – in my version of events he’s jerking off while filming then. Why not? At least that way he’s got a reason to be staring at them, since the excuse “Well I was waiting for one of them to fall so I could post the video to the Internet for LOL’s” is somehow even worse than silent masturbation.