Drunk Chick Fights Invisible Windstorm And Loses Spectacularly

by 4 years ago

Drunk Chick Falling

The thing about drunk chicks is that they ain’t so good at land walking, and here’s another video to support that claim.

This isn’t your typical drunk chick, which is what makes the video so unique and alluring. She appears well-dressed, middle-aged, she’s not in the middle of some EDM music festival, she looks like she’s just come from shopping (you know how women be shopping)… there’s a lot going on here. Maybe she’s one of those cool moms who gets blackout drunk when her kids go to camp because she has no idea how to cope with the lack of activity. So cool!

You can tell she’s in some trouble as soon as you notice she’s doing that drunk lady lean. Like her body’s trying to recline and take a nap, but her brain is fighting it. In the age-old fight of brain vs. body, body will eventually win out.

At least here, that car bumper broke her head’s fall, right? Hope you’re not dead, Drunk Lady!

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